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Programme 3

There are only a few weeks left for the ballet virgins of the Ballet Hoo! Company. As the bar is raised and rehearsals gather pace for their performance of Kenneth MacMillan’s ballet, Romeo and Juliet, commitment becomes the problem. Attendance at rehearsals becomes compulsory and a tough sanction is imposed: in a high risk strategy, the kids are told 'three strikes and you’re out'. Will it provoke a mutiny or will it focus their minds? As they surprise themselves by the emotions unleashed by learning their roles, some even astonish Desmond Kelly, their tough director. They now get the chance to rehearse with the professionals from Birmingham Royal Ballet who will dance the leading roles of Romeo and Juliet. The two starkly different worlds – the troubled kids of the West Midlands and classical ballet – are face to face.

Note: A number of people have contacted Birmingham Royal Ballet enquiring if they can purchase a DVD of the television series. The answer regrettably is that the documentary was produced, and copyright is owned, by Diverse TV and Channel 4, and at present they have no plans to produce a DVD of the series.

Programme 4
After 18 months of hard work and heartache, the Big Night finally arrives.

more... Programme 3
There are only a few weeks left for the ballet virgins of the Ballet Hoo! Company. The bar is raised and rehearsals gather pace.

more... Programme 1
Meet the participants in this project as they embark on the gruelling 18-month task to transform their lives so they can cope with the disciplined world of the dancer.

more... Programme 2
Around 200 teenagers from some of the most disadvantaged parts of the West Midlands are making an extraordinary journey. Can the strict discipline of ballet can help them transform their lives?


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