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Nick Allen

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  The centre's cutting edge technology and approach enables the team of professional health workers to predict injury patterns, work with individuals to prevent recurring injuries and track likely injuries across different productions and venues. This will not only extend the career expectancy of performers, but will also push boundaries forward by creating fitter and less injury-prone dancers.

The facilities contained within the Jerwood Centre are not only of benefit to the dancers based at Birmingham Royal Ballet, but will also brings benefits to dancers and sports professionals throughout Britain and abroad.

Process of caring for injured dancers
• Nick and his team of specialists meet regularly to discuss the dancers individually and to focus on what injuries they may have or areas they need to work on and improve
• There are also regular one-to-one consultations with dancers to assess their physical and mental well-being
• Programmes are tailored to each dancer’s needs and to ensure that they can maintain optimum fitness. This may involve aqua jogging in the centre’s hydrotherapy pool, Pilates, using the gyrotonic equipment or simply building up their strength with the weights
• When an athlete sustains an injury there is a definite time-line in which to treat and heal the injury – it isn’t a case of working towards a major competition or event as BRB is a touring Company that performs regularly so there is a constant demand for dancers to be fit and healthy to perform.

The best bit about the job
Working with a team as talented as the Jerwood Centre team in assisting patients to achieve their goals.

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