A Simmering Sunday in Handsworth Park

Following the premiere performance of Kit Holder’s new piece 'Last Dance' at Simmer Down Festival in Handsworth Park on Sunday 22 July, festival-goers were invited into the participation tent to create their own last dance motif inspired by what they had seen on stage.

The workshops were led by experienced dance artist Liz Foster who encouraged participants to interpret the two roles danced by Kit and Céline in their own style.

The piece was specially created for Simmer Down as part of Birmingham Royal Ballet's Arts Champion work in Perry Barr and will be used as the stimulus material for our next community project 'Any Which Way'. The piece has since been performed at the Hockley Flyover Show on Saturday 18 August.

‘The Flyover Show was a wonderful experience and I believe we introduced ballet to people who had never seen it before! One lady said to me after the Birmingham Royal Ballet performance, ‘wow, I didn’t expect to see something like that today’ – living and working in a diverse city like Birmingham it was an important day to show that art unites us all and can be enjoyed by everyone’ Céline Gittens, Soloist

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