Welcome to the Penguin Café
A GCSE resource for 'Still Life' at the Penguin Café

Part one - David Bintley
Includes a detailed illustrated biography of David Bintley, the choreographer, as well as a comprehensive timeline, also illustrated, detailing all of Bintley's major works.
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Part two - the background to the ballet
This section details the inspiration behind the ballet including information about the endangered animals featured and Simon Jeffes's Penguin Café Orchestra.
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Part three - examining the ballet
Information about the ballet itself. Includes the structure, music, designs, steps and movement motifs.
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Part four - the ballet in detail
Detailed choreographic breakdowns, illustrations, descriptions and diagrams allowing the teacher to explain two sections of the ballet in detail, or to re-create them in the studio.
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Part five - working with 'Still Life'
Putting the ballet in context. Includes workshop ideas, sample essays and reviews
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A full glossary of all the people mentioned in the pack, and a glossary of balletic terms and phrases to assist a non-ballet-trained dance teacher.

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