Bringing the ballet to life
A GCSE resource for Romeo and Juliet

Part one - Movement
Includes background to the ballet, synopsis, analysis of structure, characteristics of MacMillan's choreography, features of Romeo and Juliet and communicating through dance.
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Part two - Accompaniment, sets, designs and lighting
Includes features of the ballet relating to each topic and information about communicating through each medium.
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Part three - Communicating through ballet
Includes detailed choreographic breakdowns of some scenes, communicating through ballet specifically and interviews with three dancers who have danced the roles of Romeo, Juliet and Tybalt
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Part four - Performance in a group dance
Includes ideas for creating your own group dances as well as breakdowns to allow a teacher to teach simplified versions of the steps danced by the Capulets in the Ballroom scene.
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Part five - Solo choreography
Includes six short examples from the ballet of simplified sections of solo choreography.
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Part six - The written exam
Includes advice abut preparing for the exam as well as revision worksheets and teachers' sheets.
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