La Fille mal gardée
A Level Dance Day

Tailor-made for Solihull 6th-form students

'The department were very clear in finding out exactly what I wanted for the students. The team ensured these were met with discipline, humour and the students felt valued and welcome' Teacher

The day, held at Birmingham Royal Ballet studios, consisted of:

  • Warm up/ technique / and creative workshop (Artist and pianist)
  • The opportunity to watch company dancers in daily class
  • A talk with Birmingham Royal Ballet dancers
  • A look at costumes from La Fille mal gardée
  • Watching matinee performance of La Fille mal gardée
  • The aims of the day were:

  • To provide a resourceful day to compliment the students A-Level studies
  • To give an insight into Birmingham Royal Ballet and the professional dancers
  • To learn small sections of authentic repertoire from the ballet and be creative choreographically
  • To gain a deeper understanding of the choreography and key motifs; and see how they are developed
  • To have an enjoyable, valuable and interesting experience at Birmingham Royal Ballet.

  • ' I believe the students gained a ‘behind the scenes’ understanding of life in a company as well as a working knowledge of the Company repertoire La Fille mal gardée. All fulfilled, as well as a love for ballet.' Teacher

    The workshop

    The workshop focused on how to develop movement motifs to represent a character, including the involvement of musical motifs. The workshop then progressed, taking small sections of the ballet to use creatively; and to develop choreographic skills whilst working in small groups.

    ' The students gained a physical insight and experience of the stylistic qualities of the main ‘Fille’ characters.' Teacher

    ' Working on the trios and doing phrases to fit characters from ‘Fille’. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it because it enabled me to be creative with choreography.' Student

    ' The workshops were fun and beneficial towards the performance we watched, as well as our A Levels! The artist and staff created a relaxed feel and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the entire group.' Student

    ' I loved having a live pianist – it made the workshop feel more professional and added to the atmosphere.' Student

    Watching Company Class

    'The amount of technique and strength needed is fantastic!’

    'I learnt about how tough it is for a ballet dancer to get a good career.’

    'How much hard work and dedication the dancers need to be successful’

    'I realised how much time is spent rehearsing and how difficult the technique truly is!’

    Matinee Performance of La Fille mal gardée

    'The dancers were fantastic and the choreography had funny moments’

    'I have watch Fille in dance lessons, however watching it live gave me a clearer insight.’

    'It was very interesting to watch and I found the workshop beforehand was helpful. The performance was engaging and I enjoyed watching it’.

    'I enjoyed interpreting it and watching the dancers perform that we have previously seen in the class.’

    'I thought it was absolutely amazing and really made me laugh.’

    'Seeing the live performance is most important in order to tie together their practice with theory – plus, many not seen a full length ballet before live' Teacher

    Overall impressions of the day

    'Brilliant day and I would defiantly be willing to experience it again. The experience has opened my eyes as to whether I would like to pursue a dance career.’

    'I thoroughly enjoyed this day and it inspired me. Thank you!’

    'I really enjoyed the whole day. I found it extremely interesting, insightful and enjoyable. Thank you!’

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