The Festive Adventures of Freefall, December 2009

A reworking of a ballet created and performed earlier in the year, Freefalling from Outer Space.

Freefalling from Outer Space

Choreography Freefall Dance Company

Music Richard Syner, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Phillip Glass, Carl Orff, J.S. Bach, Jimmy Floyd, The Creatures

Projections Keith Youngson

Its 1957, Christmas Eve, in Nowheresville. Snow begins to fall as a drunken Santa gets fired from the local mall, setting in motion a chain of events that will change Nowheresville forever…

Scene 1
A young guy takes his gal onto Pineridge for a spot of courting above the twinkling Christmas lights. They spy a shooting star that seems to seal their love – until it lands with an almighty whumpp! Who knows what has landed…?

A young farm hand dreaming of a white Christmas is surprised by a creature from beyond the stars…

Scene 2
It’s a busy Christmas Eve and the good folks of Nowheresville are doing their chores. When suddenly out of the starry, starry night comes a sight unlike any reindeer and sleigh ever seen…

Scene 3
On the other side of town, teenagers meet up for a horror fest at the movies. The guys are hoping for some scared cuddles from the girls as the frightening tale of The Creature from the Black Lagoon comes to life before their very eyes.

Engrossed by the movie the teenagers don’t spot the aliens in the movie house…

Scene 4
At the local hangout, the Rocket Stop, aliens attempt their evil plan – a world of only Santa clones…

Scene 5
Dear audience, as you may have noticed the story is all over the place – be assured, at this point we cunningly complete it in a manner never before seen…!

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