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The centre's cutting edge technology and overall approach enables the team of professional health workers to predict injury patterns, work with individuals to prevent recurring injuries and track likely injuries across different productions and venues. This means that they can help the dancers to strengthen any muscles that might be under particular strain during whatever piece the Company are performing at the time.

The Jerwood Centre do not just treat Birmingham Royal Ballet's dancers. Members of other dance companies throughout the country, as well as sportsmen and women also use the facilities. The research that they do, and the techniques that they use, also help people all over the world to learn new ways of avoiding injuries that may occur when dancing.

The process of caring for injured dancers
• Nick and his team of specialists meet regularly to discuss the dancers individually and to focus on what injuries they may have, or areas they need to work on and improve. There are also regular one-to-one consultations with the dancers to assess their physical and mental well-being.
• Using all this information, a special training programme is given to each dancer, which concentrates on the individual areas that they need to work on. This may involve aqua jogging in the centre’s hydrotherapy pool, which allows the staff to examine how they use their muscles to push themselves forward. They may also do Pilates, a form of exercising that builds up strength and stamina in the muscles.
• Because BRB is a touring Company, and put on so many performances, they need to ensure that each dancer recovers from injuries quickly and safely. Although there is obviously a need to get them fit enough to dance again, Nick and his team must make sure thay they do not begin dancing too quickly after an accident, to ensure they do not cause themselves problems later.

Nick says the best part of his job is:
Working with a team as talented as the Jerwood Centre team in assisting patients to achieve their goals.
A dancer receives treatment

A ballerina uses the equipment in the centre

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