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Beauty and the Beast   Beauty and the Beast   Beauty and the Beast   Beauty and the Beast   Beauty and the Beast   Beauty and the Beast   Beauty and the Beast   Beauty and the Beast

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Spring 2014
Summer 2014

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Birmingham Hippodrome
Buxton Opera House
Durham Gala
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
Hall for Cornwall, Truro
Sunderland Empire Theatre
The Crescent Theatre, Birmingham
The Lighthouse, Poole
Theatre Royal Nottingham
Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury
Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe

By show

Beauty and the Beast
Darkness and Light
IDFB 2014 Programme One
IDFB 2014 Programme Two
La Fille mal gardée
North tour spring 2014
South tour spring 2014

Beauty and the Beast story guide

Prologue  |  ACT I  |  ACT II

click here for a child friendly story guide.
(you will need Adobe Acrobat to view the printable story guide. If you do not have this installed please click here)

Scene 1: A Ballroom
Several months have passed and the Beast has asked Belle to marry him every evening. She still refuses but has grown used to his ugliness and now sees only his good heart. The Beast holds a ball which is attended by all the inhabitants of the castle. The same curse that turned the Prince into a beast has changed them into animals. Again the Beast asks Belle to marry him but she replies that although he is good and kind hearted, she does not love him and, therefore, cannot marry him.

Back in her bedroom, Belle longs to see her father. The Beast agrees to let her go and gives her a rose. He tells her she must return before the rose dies or he too will die of a broken heart.

Scene 2: The Merchant’s House
Belle arrives home to find wedding preparations are underway for Monsieur Cochon and one of Belle’s sisters. Cochon has still not decided which of them he wants to marry!

Scene 3: The Beast’s Castle
At the castle the Beast pines for Belle. His animal friends and courtiers attempt to raise his spirits but as more time passes, he is sure that Belle will never return and he begins to die. Belle’s sisters have tricked her into staying longer than she intended. When Belle finally returns to the castle, she finds the Beast dying. She cries that she has always loved him and agrees to marry him. The Woodsman appears, the Beast’s ugliness melts away and the Prince appears in his place. As the curse is lifted, the courtiers begin to arrive – returned to human shape. As for Belle and her Prince, they live happily ever after.


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