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The audience

The audience are one of the most important parts of a performance, as they enjoy the show, and provide energy to the dancers on the stage.

Recently, a group of Year 3 children from SS John and Monica School in Birmingham came to see a performance of Coppélia, and wrote to us afterwards to tell us what they thought. Here's a few excerpts from their letters.

'I thought the different dolls were the best because they were so life-like. I thought the ballet was brilliant, all the dancers were amazing. I wish I was as good as them. All the costumes were wonderful.'

'I loved your show especially when Coppélia danced and when the man called Dr. Coppélius smacked the green man on the bottom and when he jumped around in a circle and all of the others were great and their own funny dancing.'

'I liked the bit when there was a light in the house. I didn't like the end that much when they danced turn by turn. My second best part was when they found the key to the house and they opened the door and went in the house. Thank you.'

'I loved the show and the fantastic characters and I love Coppélia. I love ballet now and my favourite bit was the dancing. Thank you for inviting us there thank you. I loved the clothes and dresses and I loved the actors and the music was so lovely and I loved it so much.'

'Dear BRB, thank you for letting us watch Coppélia. I thought it was great. I thought Dr Coppelius was evil when he took away the soul of Franz just to give Coppélia a soul and make her a real human being. My favourite girl was Swanilda and my favourite boy was Franz.'

'Thank you for acting BRB. It was good sign language. And good tip-toeing with your toes. And how did you do that? What kind of shoes were you wearing? I am a kid from year 3. I am a male.'

'The best bit was when everyone at the end had a turn to dance and when the boy and the girl danced. They were great. I enjoyed the whole thing.'

'I thought that the people that were dancing looked great and Coppélia looked beautiful. I thought the end was very happy. I enjoyed it very much. I hope to come back to the theatre one day'.

Megan, aged 8

Sulmah, aged 8

Syan, aged 8

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