Lazuli Sky App

Birmingham Royal Ballet has been pioneering new forms of delivering ballet to audiences beyond the bounds of the theatre auditorium, with the creation of an app that will let you take a little bit of ballet from the stage and into your personal world through the wonders of augmented reality. We are pleased to be able to share a trailer version of our new app, which features dancers from Lazuli Sky captured in 3D and delivered to your device via augmented reality. 

Capturing human beings in full photographic colour and in three dimensions is currently rarely done and provides significant challenges. Over the next year we will be exploring this technology further, working closely with the software and hardware providers with the aim of creating a full-length piece that can be viewed from anywhere in the world as ‘tabletop ballet’.

You can preview this technology in action by downloading the app and using the images below to activate two one-minute dance excerpts that you can view through your device.

We’d love to head what you think!

The app is currently this is available on both android and apple platforms:

For android phones: Google Play Store (only available on phones running the latest system software)
For Apple phones: Apple App Store 

Once you've uploaded the app onto your phone, scan the images below and sit back and enjoy the experience.