Resource Pack (A-Level): La Fille mal gardée

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Part one - Frederick Ashton

Includes a detailed illustrated biography of Frederick Ashton, the choreographer, as well as a comprehensive timeline, also illustrated, detailing all of Ashton's major works. Also featured is the obituary written by David Vaughan, a friend of Ashton's.

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Part two - the perspectives of those in the know

This section includes interviews and articles about and by the major players in the creation of the ballet: Frederick Ashton, the choreographer, John Lanchbery, the arranger of the music, Osbert Lancaster, the designer and Nadia Nerina, the very first Lise.

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Part three - the ballet, its themes and structures

Information about the ballet itself. Includes a performance history, synopsis and a scene-by-scene breakdown of the action in the ballet.

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Part four - bringing the ballet alive

Detailed choreographic breakdowns, illustrations, descriptions and diagrams allowing the teacher to explain three sections of the ballet in detail, or to re-create them in the studio.

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Part five - contextual information and Ashton's legacy

Putting the ballet in context. Includes reviews of various productions, articles and information about two other contrasting Ashton works, The Dream and Symphonic Variations, and an article about the notation of Ashton's signature step, the 'Fred Step'.

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Biographies of the creative team, a full glossary of all the people mentioned in the pack, and a glossary of balletic terms and phrases to assist a non-ballet-trained dance teacher.

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