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David Bintley CBE, Director
Jan Teo, Chief Executive (from mid-September)
Koen Kessels, Music Director

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Birmingham Royal Ballet's Technical department is the most diverse in the Company. It includes Costume, Shoes, Wigs, Lighting, Stage Management and Stage Technicians.

Although the majority of costumes for the shows are made outside the Company (often in London at the Royal Opera House), they are fitted, mended, washed and ironed by the Costume staff. When a ballet is revived, many of the costumes will have to be altered to fit the current dancers in the Company. As costumes are extremely expensive, they have to be recycled as much as possible. All of the wigs worn during productions are also produced in-house. The Shoe Supervisor is responsible for keeping sufficient quantities of shoes and ribbon in stock, as well as dying shoes and organising any additional footwear that is needed.

The Stage Technicians, led by the Head of Scenic Presentation, are responsible for the technical presentation of all Birmingham Royal Ballet shows, ranging from laying and preparing the floor, building and operating scenery, rigging and organising props. The Lighting Technicians are responsible for the sourcing, maintenance, rigging, programming and focussing of all the lighting equipment. The Stage Management ensure all of these things happen correctly and at the right time.

Department Contact Details

Paul Grace Technical Director
; telephone:0121 245 3538
Paul Grist Company Manager
; telephone:0121 245 3523
Diana Childs Senior Stage Manager
; telephone:0121 245 3510
Eliska Robenn Deputy Stage Manager
; telephone:0121 245 3506
Peter Saunders Assistant Stage Manager

Doug Nicholson Head of Scenic Presentation
; telephone:0121 245 3507
Ben Leveson Head of Stage
; telephone:0121 245 3507
Paul Moore Deputy Head of Stage

Steve Hegan Senior Stage Technician (rigging / flying)

Arthur Lewis Senior Stage Technician (props)

Peter Teigen Lighting Design Consultant
telephone:0121 245 3585
Johnny Westall-Eyre Head of Lighting
; telephone:0121 245 3508
Andy Wilson Deputy Head of Lighting
; telephone:0121 245 3508
Chris Hooley Senior Lighting Technician

Elaine Garlick Head of Costume / Costume Supervisor
; telephone: 0121 245 3514
Vanda Hewston Deputy Head of Costume
; telephone:0121 245 3512
Stella Mansfield Costume Assistant
; telephone:0121 245 3412
Joanna Shilton Costume Assistant
; telephone:0121 245 3511
Michael Clifford Shoe Supervisor
; telephone:0121 245 3515
Lauren FitzGerald Wig Assistant
; telephone:0121 245 3513
Emily Deller Technical Assistant
; telephone: 0121 245 3509

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