A brand new ultrasound machine for the Jerwood Centre!

Technology’s an important part of dancer injury prevention, diagnosis & treatment work. Now, thanks to a generous donation from the Jerwood Foudnation, our Jerwood Centre is the proud owner of a state-of-the-art diagnostic ultrasound machine, allowing the team to confirm diagnoses quickly, so treatment can begin earlier, meaning the dancer can return to the stage earlier! 

An important part of the care provided for the dancers is a series of individually-tailored injury prevention programmes designed to reduce the frequency and severity of over-use injuries (as opposed to a tear or fracture, for example). This new ultrasound machine will allow the team in the Jerwood Centre to confirm diagnoses quickly and on site, meaning treatment can begin earlier, meaning the dancer can return to the stage earlier, and at less cost to the Company by reducing the frequency of potentially expensive off-site visits. 

The equipment can also be used to assess the severity of an injury, such as a muscle tear, so that the correct treatment, right from immobilisation and rest of the affected area, to surgery, can be decided upon quickly and easily. 

Alan Grieve CBE, Chairman of the Jerwood Foundation said: 

‘To mark the long-standing relationship between Jerwood and Birmingham Royal Ballet, primarily through a capital grant of £200,000 towards the Jerwood Centre for the Prevention and Treatment of Dance Injuries in 2001, Jerwood Foundation is extremely pleased to have made a grant of £20,000 this year towards the cost of replacing the Centre’s ultrasound equipment.  We know that the latest technology will support the clinical team in providing instant diagnostic support, optimise injury management and maintain the Jerwood Centre’s position as the leading organisation in the field of dance medicine.'