#SundaySoundtrack - Benjamin Scheuer

1080X1920 Benjamin

Singer/songwriter Benjamin Scheuer's #EmptyStage is the soundtrack to our beautiful new film: watch it here

Here Benjamin introduces it and a selection of his other songs.

1)   Empty Stage

A celebration of the performing arts. A stage might be empty because performances aren’t permitted, but also might be empty because a performance is about to begin.

2)   Hibernate With Me

Written for my wife, Jemima, as a hug-in-song-form. Jemima’s a marvelous illustrator, and together, we turned the song into a children’s book of the same name.

3)   Weather The Storm 

An upbeat song about how, together, we’ll get through challenging times. There's an accompanying animated video.

4)   I Am Samantha

I wrote this song for a transgender pal of mine, when she said she didn’t know any songs with her name, “Samantha” in them. I asked her to tell me about her name, and this is what she told me. There’s an accompanying music video with a cast of 27, all of whom are transgender.

5)   Hello Jemima

A happy song about long-distance love, and the excitement about traveling to see your beloved. Jemima lived in London and I lived in New York, and I dreamed constantly about visiting her.

6)   Hundred Feet Tall

It is about how you’re never too small to make a big difference. It’s also the second children’s book I’ve made with my wife, illustrator Jemima Williams.

7)    Cookie-tin Banjo

The true story of how my father taught me to play guitar when I was a boy. There is an accompanying animated video.