#SundaySoundtrack - Céline Gittens

1)   Papa was a Rollin' Stone – The Temptations

Thanks for joining me for my #SundaySoundtrack where I'm kicking it off with this soul classic. Enjoy!

2)   Love on Top – Beyoncé

I have so many favourite Beyoncé songs but I chose this one because the continuing upward key changes throughout the song show the flawless scale and the sheer power of her voice.

3)   Outlander - The Skye Boat Song - Bear McCreary and Raya Yarbrough

Diana Gabaldon’s books were turned into the hit TV series Outlander. Skye Boat Song, a late 19th-century Scottish song, leads the viewer through the opening credits of this historical drama.

4)   I'd Rather go Blind - Etta James

Etta James gives us beautiful soul music. What’s not to like?

5)   All I Really Want to Do – Bob Dylan

The first time that I heard 'All I Really Want to Do' was a moment of poetic and literary bliss, on a six-hour airport to hotel tour bus during one of Birmingham Royal Ballet’s international tours. This playful 'boy meets girl' love song describes all the things that Dylan doesn’t want to do or be, and brings to light the usual conceptions of relationships. I love when Dylan laughs at his own joke towards the end of the song, which shows the listener his genuine nature and views towards love, where a man and woman in a relationship are individuals, still harbouring their unique personalities, which is quite revolutionary to the 'honour and obey'.

6)   The Suburbs - Arcade Fire

This Canadian band never cease to deliver good music and live performances that are filled with weird and wonderful theatrics that have audiences engaged, transfixed, and transported. It was summer 2010 with the release of their new album The Suburbs, that saw myself and my husband driving back from a typical West Coast camping trip to an island in the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. This song couldn’t have been a better companion to the end of the always beautiful Canadian summer.

7)    Heb Je Even Voor Mij - Frans Bauer

Dutch singer Frans has created the ultimate feel good song, whether you know the lyrics or not. Canadians and the Dutch have a long-standing friendship. Every year, the Dutch send thousands of tulip bulbs to be planted in Ottawa, Canada. I also have Dutch family, which makes me like Holland even more!

8)   Dollar Wine - Colin Lucas

Pretend that you are in Trinidad and dancing down the street for Carnival time, dressed in an elaborate headpiece, covered in body glitter and paint, and with a Carib beer to hand! This Calypso song is sure to get you up from your seat and dancing around, and is one that hit the top of the charts before I emigrated to Vancouver, Canada when I was nine years old.

9)  Smells like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Birmingham Royal Ballet’s International tours to Japan are absolutely the best. The hospitality that we experience while touring there is something that we look forward to every time and are so grateful for. Aside from wonderful performance experiences, we also enjoy some unforgettable nightlife experiences, and this song always reminds me of a well-deserved post-performance party in Roppongi!

10)   I'm Kissing You – Des'ree

This song was used as the backing track to the famous fish-tank scene in the Romeo and Juliet movie where Romeo, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, first sets eyes on Juliet. In 2018 Birmingham Royal Ballet performed Romeo and Juliet in Virginia, USA. I had watched this movie on the in-flight entertainment, en route to America, as background research ahead of my performance as Juliet. As important as it is to rehearse a role technically, I also believe that sufficient background research is key for a more well-rounded and real portrayal of a character.

11)   Natty Dread – Bob Marley

The wind down to my #SundaySoundtrack is Bob Marley – all of his songs are filled with a passion, a deeper meaning, and a rhythm that is sure to transport you to a sandy beach in the Caribbean. Have a wonderful Sunday!