Cinderella Dreams: Meet Alicia Bennett

On 20 February something truly magical will happen on stage at Birmingham Hippodrome but don't be fooled - there's no wishes or pumpkins involved here - just pure talent and the incredible hard work of a group of dance students bringing the story of Cinderella to life like never before.

This brand-new adaptation is called Cinderella Dreams and will take place on the main Birmingham Hippodrome stage celebrates the breadth of talent in dance schools across the West Midlands and beyond. Ballet students young and old have auditioned and are working tirelessly to take on the leading roles, whilst being joined by two of our own inspirational dancers who will perform the main ballroom pas de deux as part of a dream sequence.

We're so inspired by the work, commitment and enthusiasm that has been shown that we've been spending some time with them in the studio and getting to know some of the dancers taking on the leading roles before the show. Today, we speak to the talented Alicia Bennett as she takes a quick breather from rehearsals - take it away Alicia!

Feeling inspired? Grab your tickets for this one-off performance by clicking here and check back later in the week as we chat to more of the cast!