Cyrano receives additional firepower

A pyrotechnic design company has been assisting with a dramatic scene in Birmingham Royal Ballet's new production of Cyrano that takes place on the front line of a large battle.

Paul Grace, Birmingham Royal Ballet's Technical Director, explained:
'The battle scene is a climactic moment both in terms of the story and the music, and David wanted the effects to match this. He wanted something more elaborate than the usual theatrical pops and smoke, and as the level of special effects rises, so does the risk, so we're bringing in outside specialist skills. The idea is that a pyrotechnic design company will create a sequence which the technical team at Birmingham Royal Ballet will then be trained to operate'.

This is not the first time that experts have been brought in to contribute unusual skills to Company performances. Romeo and Juliet called for a fencing expert to help the performers duel convincingly, and for Beauty and the Beast, David Bintley collaborated with a magician on some of the more wonderful stage illusions that take place in the Beast's castle.