Department for Learning project to feature in Birmingham Film Festival

Dancers at the centre of a collaborative project between Birmingham Royal Ballet's Department for Learning and Fox Hollies School will feature as part of the Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham this week.

Freefall Dance Company teamed up with film-maker Simi Gonsai to make the self-titled Freefall, a short film recorded in Birmingham Royal Ballet's studios. The short has now been included in an evening showcasing the development of dance on film, with a panel discussion afterwards.

Watch the trailer for the evening above.

Speaking of the film, the Department for Learning's Lee Fisher explained:

'Freefall was commissioned by Mencapin 2012 as part of the We Dance Cultural Olympiad Festival, and was initially shown across the UK on the big screen ‘live sites’ with estimated viewing figures of over 1,200,000. Since then the film has been accepted at a number of international film festivals including San Francisco, Colorado, Lisbon, Helsinki, Lisbon and New York. We're delighted that the film will now be shown at home in Birmingham.

'We’ve come to recognise that dance for camera can be a powerful medium to showcase the diverse talents of the Freefallers and an inspiring way for the Company to continue to challenge stereotypical views of dance and people with learning difficulties.'

One Fine Day is a site-specific screen dance film and the second collaboration between Freefall Dance Company and Sima Gonsai. This 10 minute piece follows Freefall’s imagined outdoor world. From travelling on the train to dancing in the park, “One Fine Day” presents a collection of locations and witty scenario’s. Filming took place during May 2014 with its premiere held at mac Birmingham in Dec 2014.

One Fine Day is a visually stunning film combining dance, choreography, moving image and original music. A fitting legacy to the ‘Cultural Olympiad’ and ‘We Dance’ it is now engaging new audiences at film festivals that include; Mexico, Finland, Sweden and the USA.

For full details of the screening, visit the Flatpack 2016 website.