The most heart-breaking moments in ballet


Warning: it's about to get very emotional...

Sleeping Beauty

The evil Carabosse feels slighted at the lack of invite to the new princess's christening. In her rage, she curses the princess and sends her to sleep for one hundred years.


Not exactly your traditional christening gift…


The absolutely heart-breaking part when Giselle finds out that her beloved is promised to someone else, and is so distraught that she dies in her lover's arms.


A dagger to our hearts.


Definitely the saddest one of all: the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella has to leave the ball, knowing that she might never see her handsome prince again...


Will he find her, will he not?!


On the night before Arthur’s wedding, Merlin persuades him to order the death of all boys his son’s age. In the next act, Arthur and Guinevere swear their wedding vows, and the boys slowly begin to be slaughtered.


SO devastating.

Miracle in the Gorbals

The horrible moment when the stranger, having just miraculously brought a girl back to life, is tricked into being sent to a prostitute’s room. Then, when he emerges, a gang of thugs slash him with knives and kick him to the ground.


The poor man was completely outnumbered!

Swan Lake

Odette, the beautiful Swan princess, is left heartbroken by her beloved Prince Siegfried, who was tricked into choosing another girl as his bride. The two lovers die in each other's arms.


This final one still has to be the ultimate heartbreaker, though...

Romeo and Juliet

Devoted to each other but divided by their families, Romeo and Juliet cannot bear to be without each other. In a heart-breaking story of star-crossed lovers and forbidden love, the story ends with the tragic suicide of both lovers.


It's all right, Juliet, we cried too.


Photos: Bill Cooper, Andrew Ross, Roy Smiljanic