Meet Ruth Brill

'I had been with English National Ballet for four years before joining Birmingham Royal Ballet.

'I have more freedom as a dancer on stage and I’ve been taken out of my comfort zone. Being able to dance in Ashton and MacMillan ballets is exhilarating and I think the big ballets really suit my style. It’s made me realise how important it is for a Company to have a diverse repertoire.'

'Excitingly, I have already been involved in creating new work too, and as an artist that’s exactly what I want to do. I worked with Kit Holder on his piece, 9–5*, which was a fascinating experience.

*Created in 2012, Kit Holder's 9-5 was danced to a percussive score that included electro and drum'n'bass. You can see a clip of the ballet here.

'There are strong physical and mental demands on each of the dancers. In this particular piece there was also the added challenge of dancing to music you wouldn’t ordinarily associate with classical ballet (drum ’n’ bass). The preparation required could certainly rival any Olympic competitor.

'Creating new work is a collaboration among choreographer, dancer and audience. The rehearsal periods were very intense since we were learning something new and creating it all at the same time.

'I think you feel closer to an audience when presenting a piece that’s unfamiliar since you’re both experiencing something new together. There’s an additional sense of pride when performing something new as the Company has pulled together to create a wholly original work of art. That’s quite special and certainly our commitment to new work is very attractive to any dancer.'

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