#SundaySoundtrack - Rebecca Jones

Cover Image Rebecca

Where to start... so much brilliant music! Here are some of my favourites. A trip down memory lane.. 

1) ‘Sunrise’ String Quartet in B flat major Hob.3:78 1 – Allegro con Spirito – Haydn 
This piece was my introduction to String Quartets, a long time ago at a masterclass in Swindon. There are so many quartets I could have chosen, but this is a reminder of the start of a passion. 

2) Minor swing – Django Reinhardt 
This is a track I listened to as a student. Happy days! A tape played many times when I should have been practising! 

3) I Want You Back – Jackson 5 
A band at the Royal Academy of Music played this regularly in the bar and I heard it many times! 

4) She – Elvis Costello 
Love this song! 

5) Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai 
Brilliant string writing. Maybe apt for this lockdown era! 

6) String Octet in E – flat major, Op. 20 1st movement – Mendelssohn 
Genius. Written when he was 16! I have memories of my trial with the Irish Chamber Orchestra, playing this and the next track. What fantastic repertoire! 

7) String Quartet No.14 in D minor, Death and the Maiden – Schubert 
I played this a few times with the ICO, once with an amazing, if rather direct Alban Berg (he told me to vibrate more!) 

8) All of me – Django Reinhardt 
I love this. First heard it in a club in New York. Glamorous touring days 

9) Cinderella – Prokofiev 
Have to include some Prokofiev ballet music. I remember doing Romeo and Juliet on my trial for Birmingham Royal Ballet and thinking ballet writing doesn’t get any better than this, but I think Cinderella tops it. Prokofiev certainly knew how to write an emotional, poignant ending. 

10) I Say a Little Prayer – Aretha Franklin 
What a great voice and infectious energy. I’ve danced many times to this! 

11) We have all the time in the world – Louis Armstrong 
Nearly ten years ago I walked down the aisle to this. Louis was just brilliant! 

12) Songbird – Eva Cassidy 
Such a natural, clear voice and from a timeless album. 

13) Don’t Know Why – Norah Jones 
Heavily pregnant with our second child, this song went hand in hand with my hypno-birthing CD! A cliché, I know, but her voice was the perfect tonic at the time! 

14) The Bluebird – Stanford 
Introduced to me by my husband. What a glorious sound, so pure! 

15) Don’t You Worry About a Thing – Incognito 
Love the arrangement of this cover of Stevie Wonder’s original. 

16) Nocturne No 2 in Eb – Chopin 
My husband, Richard (he’s a violinist too) has been playing this in lockdown. It’s been easing the craziness… a little!