#SundaySoundtrack: LGBTQ+ Composers

This weekend Birmingham celebrates Pride, an internationally known celebration of non-heterosexual people. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have been at the forefront of the Arts for centuries as authors and poets, choreographers, designers and artists, impressarios and administrators, and composers, of course. This week's #SundaySoundTrack is dedicated to some of histories best-known gay composers. Much of the music featured is by men and from the 20th century, as being gay has been taboo (if not illegal) in most Western cultures for centuries, making evidence of composers' sexualities not necessarily easy to find. For example, it seems likely that Handel was gay and that Chopin was bisexual, but there is no hard evidence. For this playlist we've kept to composers who were known to be gay or bisexual, hence the predominance of 20th-century males. A notable exception is the multi-award-winning composer and arranger, Angela Morley (of Watership Down fame), who was born Wally Stott and transitioned to become Angela Morley in the 1970s.