The greatest love stories ever danced? A look at some of our favourite pas de deux

The jumps, the leaps, the passion - there is nothing like a perfectly executed pas de deux to set hearts racing in a packed theatre. To celebrate Valentine's Day we've raided the archives to find gifs and footage of some of our favourites - with so many to choose from, what's your favourite pas de deux? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter!

Nutcracker | Act I

Clara is safe following an epic battle against the evil rats that are plaguing the magical world she has fallen into but her Nutcracker Prince lies motionless on the floor. As Clara despairs at the thought that he may be lost, he rises, transformed from an enchanted toy into a real prince. Moving, magical and ethereally beautiful, this pas de deux is a firm favourite of many ballet goers.

In this footage watch Soloists Arancha Baselga and Brandon Lawrence rehearsing the Act I pas de deux.

Romeo and Juliet | Balcony Scene

One of the most famous love stories ever told and containing arguably some of the most moving pas de deux, for lovers of ballet! In this passionate and pivotal scene the young lovers meet at the balcony. In the thrall of new love - joyous yet with a slight hint of foreboding - the pas de deux is a beautiful moment that perfectly captures the giddy highs of new romance. Enjoy this archive footage of Prinicpals Jamie Bond and Jenna Roberts taken from Ballet Hoo! Ballet Changed My Life – Birmingham Royal Ballet’s landmark television series screened on Channel 4.

Swan Lake | Act II

This gorgeous rehearsal footage shows Principal Tyrone Singleton as Siegfried and Principal Céline Gittens as Odette, in one of the ballet's most famous moments. Siegfried arrives at the lake hunting swans that his party has seen fly that way, where he is stunned to witness one turn into a beautiful woman, Odette - the Swan Queen- victim of an spell cast by evil Baron von Rothbart.

Cinderella | Act III

This timeless story of love, courage and kindness reminds us all to have faith in our wildest dreams; someday they might just come true! Witness the moment Cinderella and her Prince Charming dance together at the ball, sealing their love and sending her life on a new course. Danced here by Elisha Willis and Iain Mackay we think this is the perfect gif for Valentines Day! Click here to find Cinderella on tour at a venue near you.