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Opening the doors to one of the world's most revered art forms, Birmingham Royal Ballet dancers Tom Rogers and Tyrone Singleton explore the world of ballet and beyond as they question the unanswered, delve into backstage life and discuss the pressures and pleasures of what they do.

All views expressed are those of the participants.

Episode 5: Tom and Ty talk...
From Russia with Love” with Xander Parish

As the first British dancer to join the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Xander Parish is living proof that hard work and determination really pay back in dividends. Think courage, desire and a love for what he does. Xander tells us the story of his leap of faith, arriving at the airport on a tourist visa and discuss his journey to Principal and his award of OBE for UK/Russia cultural relations.

Episode 4: Tom and Ty talk...   
The Lonely Life of the Injured Dancer, with The Royal Ballet's William Bracewell

A former colleague and rising star of The Royal Ballet (Romeo in the film Romeo and Juliet: Beyond Words), William Bracewell opens up about the trials and tribulations of moving to a new company. We discuss the impact that injuries can have on a dancer, both professionally and personally. We also unveil two new and exciting subjects, the 'four-minute makeup challenge' and 'Tinder for dogs'. 

Episode 3: Tom and Ty talk...  
Pressure Cooking and Edible Charcoal, with Michelin-starred chef, Glynn Purnell

We visit Purnell’s restaurant in the heart of Birmingham to meet the 'Yummy Brummie' himself, Glynn Purnell, who has held a Michelin star for over ten years. We explore the similarities between the life of an elite dancer and that of a chef working at the very top of his industry.

Along the way Glynn reveals his new-found love of ballet as well as his inclusion in the mafia...

Episode 2: Tom and Ty talk...
Black is the New Pink, with Cassa Pancho

How can dance, and ballet in particular, be more diverse? This is a big question! To help us better understand this issue we sat down with Cassa Pancho OBE, Artistic Director of Ballet Black. 

Throughout the episode we discuss where ballet has been. Where it is now and where it needs to go to become a truly diverse and inclusive art form.

Episode 1: Tom and Ty talk...
Shakespeare Beyond Words, with the Ballet Boyz

Tom and Ty sat down with the BalletBoyz, Michael Nunn and William Trevitt to discuss their latest venture into the world of dance film Romeo and Juliet: Beyond Words and explore what it took to create this 'audacious first in contemporary film making'.