#SundaySoundtrack - Vanessa David's Playlist

It's clear from this  #SundaySoundtrack that voice and dance are Principal First Violin Vanessa David's passion...

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1) Symphony No.2 in C minor - 1st movement - Mahler 

I was lucky enough to play this with Abbado conducting when I was 19 with the European Community Youth Orchestra (EUYO) and I will always remember his incredible energy and inspiration. There is a chord a few minutes in that gets me every time. 

2) La Rondine, Act III: ‘Ma come puoi lasciarmi’ - Puccini 

This is my favourite Puccini opera. This is right at the end of the opera when Ruggero is begging Magda not to leave him. Roberto Alagna is a magnificent Ruggero. I very much enjoyed playing a run of this at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. 

3) Carousel, 'If I loved You' – Rodgers and Hammerstein 

The Royal Ballet Sinfonia gave several weeks of performances of Carousel at the Barbican during the time of the Olympics in 2012. I loved it and would have quite happily done another few weeks of it. As it took place in the school holiday, I didn’t always have childcare so my children had to come to many performances and they loved it too. They still know almost all the words. 

4) Manon, final scene - Massenet 

Now time for some ballet. Every time I have been to see the ballet Manon I have cried at the end. It is a pleasure to play and MacMillan’s choreography is beautiful. 

5) Tom Traubert’s Blues - Tom Waits

I was introduced to Tom Waites in my early 20s and his voice has its own unique beauty. He certainly puts his own spin on the song of Waltzing Matilda. 

6) Eugene Onegin – 'Kuda, kuda' (Lensky’s Aria) - Tchaikovsky 

You might have worked out from this list that voice and dance is my thing. I love Onegin and the way Tchaikovsky’s melodies pour out and he gets you to invest in the characters. I could so easily have chosen many of the arias but possibly Lensky’s aria is the most haunting as he contemplates his life before his death. 

7) Cinderella, Op.87, Act III: No.50 - Prokofiev 

This prologue at the end of Prokofiev’s ballet is just sublime. I look forward to our performances of it just because I will get to play this amazing ending. 

8) Dichterliebe, Op 48:7 'Ich grolle nicht' - Schumann 

As a student I would play this song cycle sung by Fischer-Dieskau over and over. It is still a favourite. 

9) The Most Incredible Thing, 'Risk' - Pet Shop Boys 

The Royal Ballet Sinfonia gave the premiere and several weeks of performances of the Pet Shop Boys ballet The Most Incredible Thing. The whole ballet is available on YouTube so I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it. I hope I get to play it again one day. 

10) Four Seasons – Invierno Porteno – Piazzolla 

I really enjoyed the performances that Birmingham Royal Ballet gave to the music of Piazzolla. Our leader, Robbie Gibbs played the solo part brilliantly. 

11) Peter Grimes, Op.32, Act II – ‘From The Gutter’ - Britten 

I love this quartet from Peter Grimes. I’ve chosen the John Vicars recording with the Royal Opera House because I think he is a great Grimes. You can’t hear this work without seeing Aldeburgh in your mind. 

12) An Alpine Symphony, Op.64 – final section - Strauss 

The descent at the end of Strauss Alpine Symphony - to bring my playlist to a calm conclusion!