Krisanne Teishannamell Powell

LEAP Ambassador 2021/22

Age: 17

From: Birmingham, I lived in Jamaica for a few years.

I am currently: Studying 3D Design, Textiles and BTEC Business at Cadbury College. I’ve always wanted a creative job and love seeing the end results from my hard work.

I am a LEAP Ambassador because: I like the idea of working with others and expressing myself, I feel that the art of ballet and additional skills we learn being apart of LEAP is long lasting and impactful to use in the future. I want to spread positive messages to other creatives that trying new things outside of your comfort zone can be enjoyable and worth it.

What are you passionate about: I’m passionate about many ideas, my personality is very creative and outgoing so I love to take part in things that bring out the best in my skills or that I can look back on. I currently own a cosmetic brand named AloSoul Beauty, I create handmade, vegan and cruelty-free lip care products. The brand was inspired by the fact that I have alopecia which is a hair loss condition due to my immune system fighting itself. However, creating this brand gave me a new sense of hope as I can take one of my flaws and use it as a strength. I’m hoping in the near future to open a warehouse and make hair care products to help others like me facing the same condition.

Interesting fact about me: I’m currently learning how to speak Mandarin and French, in the future I want to live in Paris and achieve my dream of becoming a Fashion Designer so that different people can wear my clothing and freely express themselves. I’ve travelled to seven countries and I love learning about multiple cultures. 

First encounter with Birmingham Royal Ballet: During half term when my 3D Design teacher suggested I apply for this role as she thought that I’d be suited for it. I did some research and absolutely loved the opportunity of learning new skills and working with others.