Making A Difference

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'To continue to grow and develop, we must engage a new generation – both to ensure an audience for ballet, and to discover and enable the dancers, choreographers, musicians and designers that will create those moments of magic for them.

'But all of this needs to be paid for, and government support for the arts is eroding quickly. Philanthropy must grow if we are to create a sustainable and creatively vibrant future for ballet.

'Support us and together we can make a real difference to developing our talent, our community and our art form.'

David Bintley, Director

Develop talent

From the very earliest stages of dance training through to the promotion of promising dancers through the Company, we ensure that young people from all walks of life can try ballet, have their talents acknowledged, and eventually reach their fullest potential.

Your support could:

  • Help us to identify and nurture talent at primary schools across the UK
  • Ensure that our dancers receive the very best in specialist training and support
  • Create world-class studio facilities to be enjoyed by our dancers and the local community
  • Develop the next generation of ballet choreographers and composers
  •  Create a mentoring scheme for young musicians

Create new works

New ballets are vital to challenge our dancers and audiences. Critically, they attract new audiences and keep ballet living and relevant.

Your support could:

  • Create spectacular new productions such as The King Dances
  • Initiate a series of contemporary ballets
  • Extend creative opportunities to emerging choreographers and creative talent
  • Create a concert to promote ballet music to new audiences
  •   Enable us to commission new musical scores

Inspire participation

We continuously tour the UK, ensuring that all people have the opportunity to see ballet performed at the highest standard. We engage young people in participation and help provide strong arts education, promoting the skills children need to be successful.

Your support can help us:

  • Offer community programmes designed to enhance confidence, communication and creativity in young people
  • Inspire schools to provide opportunities to experience our performances
  • Deliver nationwide programmes of work led by dancers and musicians to maximise the educational impact of each touring production

Build our legacy

Our commitment to creativity and innovation, a vital part of the Birmingham Royal Ballet ethos since Dame Ninette de Valois established the original company in 1931, underpins the amazing legacy we uphold today.

As custodians of both the heritage and the future of ballet, we draw on and are inspired by this rich history, informing and educating new generations.

Your support can help us:

  • Revive valuable works from the past, staging at least ten heritage works in the next five years
  • Revolutionise our archiving systems so that we can record the choreography and presentation of ballets accurately for future revivals
  • Create a rota of guest teachers and invite original cast members to work with the Company on the revival of older works