Curated by Carlos: Triple Bill

10 Jun 2021 – 12 Jun 2021
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Birmingham Royal Ballet returns to the stage of Birmingham Repertory Theatre this June to present Curated by Carlos, a tantalising triple bill of two world premieres and a UK premiere. 

City of a Thousand Trades is a love letter to Birmingham, commissioned by Birmingham Royal Ballet's director Carlos Acosta and celebrating the city's richly diverse cultural and industrial heritage. Birmingham became known as the City of a Thousand Trades at the height of the Industrial Revolution when skilled workers migrated to the city from throughout the Commonwealth, creating a melting pot of cultures. The ballet is brought to stage by Havana-born choreographer Miguel Altunaga, and dramaturg and co-Director Madeleine Kludje from Birmingham Repertory Theatre, with music by Mathias Coppens, inspired by the City’s soundscape, including its legacy as the birthplace of Heavy Metal. 

As rainforests burn and consumption rises, as populism surges and democracy is tested in previously unimaginable ways, and as our health and harmony is exposed as fragile and unsustainable, everything seems out of balance - a tipping-point is approaching - change is imminent. Brazilian/British choreographer Daniela Cardim’s Imminent has been created with a team of international talent, including internationally renowned composer Paul Englishby

Chacona is a thrilling, physical piece set to exhilarating music by J.S. Bach, played live on stage by violin, guitar and piano. Chacona was created by Spanish choreographer Goyo Montero, ballet director and principal choreographer of Nuremberg Ballet and resident choreographer of Carlos Acosta's Acosta Danza. 

Live music performed by Birmingham Royal Ballet's acclaimed orchestra, the Royal Ballet Sinfonia.

City of a Thousand Trades and Imminent are Ballet Now commissions, Birmingham Royal Ballet’s programme which seeks to find exciting, diverse, international creative talent.

Download the cast sheet here Cast Sheet

Free digital programme Curated by Carlos programme

Running times
City of a Thousand Trades: 30 minutes
Interval: 30 minutes
Imminent: 20 minutes
Pause: 10 minutes
Chacona: 15 minutes
The performance will end at approximately 9:15pm (Saturday matinee: 3:45pm)

Robert Gibbs, the leader of Birmingham Royal Ballet's orchestra, the Royal Ballet Sinfonia, here plays the Chaconne from Bach's Partita in D minor, the music that inspired Goyo Montero's Chacona.

Video header features Daniela Cardim's Imminent.

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