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Relaxed Performance: The Sleeping Beauty

We’re delighted to offer our first relaxed performance of the much-loved classic, Sleeping Beauty.

The curse of a wicked fairy and a beautiful princess falls into a deep, enchanted sleep which can only be broken by a kiss from a prince. The tale of Sleeping Beauty is transformed into one of the grandest ballets ever created, with a marvellous mixture of amazing dance, fairy tale characters and live music from the acclaimed Royal Ballet Sinfonia. The Sleeping Beauty is an enchanting experience for all the family.

What’s a Relaxed Performance?

Relaxed performances are open to anyone, but are intended to cater for people who may find going to the theatre challenging, in particular people with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, learning disability or sensory and communication disorder. A relaxed performance is a great way for family and friends to experience the magic of live performance together in an adapted environment where formal theatre rules don’t apply - feel free to move around, sing, dance, clap and talk – whatever makes you feel comfortable.

What can I expect at a Relaxed Performance?

We’ve made a number of changes to the show to allow everyone attending to enjoy themselves. You'll notice we leave some seats empty to ensure there's plenty of room to move around and get comfy. The Front of House staff you’ll meet on the day will be easy to spot, wearing special glittery hats, and the show itself has been adapted to take in a shorter running time. Alongside this we've made some changes to lighting and sound levels as we're trying our best to make sure that the performance doesn’t cause a sensory overload.

Need a break? We understand, so we’ve popped a chill-out zone away from the auditorium that can be accessed throughout the show should you or a member of your party need some time out. Additional quiet spaces with limited sensory stimulus will also be available on the day. Whilst we’ll be reducing sound levels and keeping house lights up throughout the show, there will also be ear defenders, seat boosters and easy to follow show guides available to make sure you’re comfortable - we want you to feel at home - so we will also be keeping some of the doors to the auditorium open in case you want to come or go during the performance.

Don’t forget - we’ll also be emailing you in advance of your visit to say Hi, let you know which dancers you’ll be seeing on the stage, and give you some pointers about travelling to the theatre and more.

Need more?

We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable when you’re with us, so if you have any questions you can give Box Office a call on 0844 338 5000, tweet us, message us on Facebook or drop us a line at marketing@brb.org.uk.

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