Downloadable castsheets

The final version of each download will be available approx. two hours before the listed performance (earlier versions may be posted in advance if available).

Bristol: La Fille mal gardée

Birmingham: Romeo & Juliet

Birmingham: Polarity & Proximity

London: Polarity & Proximity

London: Romeo and Juliet

Sunderland: Coppélia

Plymouth: The Sleeping Beauty

Cardiff: The Sleeping Beauty

Salford: The Sleeping Beauty

Birmingham: The Sleeping Beauty

The Mayflower: The Sleeping Beauty

Royal Albert Hall: The Nutcracker

Birmingham: The Nutcracker

London: Penguin Café mixed programme 2

London: Aladdin

Plymouth: Aladdin

Birmingham: Aladdin

Birmingham: Penguin Café mixed programme

Salford: Aladdin

Bristol: Coppélia

Birmingham: Three story ballets

Birmingham: Coppélia

Nottingham: North tour 2017

York: North tour 2017

Durham: North tour 2017

Truro: South tour 2017

Poole: South tour 2017

Shrewsbury: North tour 2017

Cheltenham: South tour 2017

Sunderland: Cinderella

Plymouth: Cinderella

Salford: Cinderella

Birmingham: Cinderella

Southampton: Cinderella

Birmingham: The Nutcracker

Plymouth: The Tempest

Plymouth: Shakespeare Dream bill

Sunderland: The Tempest

London: The Tempest

London: Shakespeare triple bill

Birmingham: The Tempest

Salford: Shakespeare Dream bill

Bristol: The Taming of the Shrew

Birmingham: Shakespeare triple bill

Birmingham: The Taming of the Shrew

Truro: 5 Tangos midscale tour

Shrewsbury: Shakespeare midscale tour

Poole: 5 Tangos midscale tour

York: Shakespeare midscale tour

Durham: Shakespeare midscale tour

Cheltenham: 5 Tangos midscale tour

Plymouth: Romeo and Juliet

Nottingham: Romeo and Juliet

Sunderland: Romeo and Juliet

Salford: Romeo and Juliet