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Birmingham Royal Ballet's Ambassadors are a group of young people who have worked on past projects with the Company and now aim to pass on their skills and experience by supporting other young people taking part in new projects.

They take on vital roles in the creative development and support of these projects, from conversations with potential funders through to the direct recruitment, encouragement and support of young people involved.

With experience of working with Birmingham Royal Ballet for over five years, the first generation Ambassadors have grown strongly as a team, developing many transferable skills and widening their own knowledge and experience. In addition to putting on their own projects, they help and support the Department for Learning at events such as Discovery Days and Audience Open Days, creating opportunities for young people to look at ballet differently.

The Ambassadors' Lost Souls performance project, based on the ballet Romeo and Juliet, was performed in and around Aston Hall in Birmingham during May 2016.


'I think that’s important in our role… to get that message across to young people'

Katie-Ted Lowe, Ambassador

Being an Ambassador has provided the young people with a massive learning experience, giving them the chance to work together as a team to problem-solve, negotiate and organise. In addition, their work helps to challenge negative media perceptions of young people and offers positive role models to others.

The Ambassadors are now an established part of the Department for Learning. In addition to creating projects such as B5: Pass It On and Still Life: Future Lives, they are having an impact, not only on the young people with whom they work, but also on the staff at Birmingham Royal Ballet.

'The Ambassadors have changed a lot of Birmingham Royal Ballet staff's perceptions of young people, and having the Ambassadors supporting us has raised Birmingham Royal Ballet's profile.'

Pearl Chesterman, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Director for Learning