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Tom, Freefall Dancer

Dance is for everyone

This has been the guiding principle of Freefall Dance Company since it was first formed in 2002. Lee Fisher, Freefall's Artistic Director, saw immense beauty in the unique movements of the students he met at Fox Hollies, a school for young people with learning disabilities.

Freefall was launched in partnership with the senior leadership team at Fox Hollies Special School to provide opportunities for these young people to continue to dance once they had left education.

Lee and the Freefall team continue to make sure the company is a space for the individual talent and performance styles of the dancers to shine through.

Company members have weekly rehearsals for two hours at our Birmingham studios. Rehearsals are both light-hearted and focused, providing a safe space where dancers can support each other while continually improving their classical dance skills together. The freedom encouraged in rehearsals empowers the dancers to express their unique styles, which are a core part of their entertaining high-quality dance performances.

The joyous energy of Freefall is compelling and inspiring. Experience one of their upcoming performances in the Birmingham Hippodrome’s Patrick Studio which is sure to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step (performances appear below when available).

[Freefall] is indeed a Birmingham treasure, greatly to be cherished and supported. It was wonderful to see, in conclusion, the invasion of the stage space by parents and siblings eager to hug and kiss and congratulate the performers - evidence, surely, of how Freefall is enriching family lives.

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Freefall Dance Company

Meet the dancers

Freefall's dancers are passionately creative

Dancers are encouraged to bring their own new and exciting ideas and possibilities in dance to the group, along with drawing on the creative input from the wider Freefall team.

This collaborative approach allows dancers to engage their own creativity and individually contribute to the group's choreography. Their performance films, each of which are new and innovative works, have received acclaim from audiences in the West Midlands and beyond.

Company members also lead workshops with local primary and secondary groups in both special and mainstream educational settings. This work was initially designed and led by Fox Hollies School.

Other more recent partnerships include the University of Birmingham School of Education and Coventry University Department for Occupational Therapy. Company members have built on their professional development by performing and leading workshops with trainee PE teachers and Occupational Therapists on an annual basis.

Freefall has developed relationships with more local schools, youth clubs, and day centres sharing their skills with hundreds of young people.

Freefalling for 21 Years Exhibition

Watch the film and find out more

Freefall transforms lives

The joyous energy of Freefall has transformed the lives of the dancers and the families and communities that they connect with. Many of the dancers have been in the company since it began, creating a real sense of purpose and community.

The dancers' families and friends regularly attend the company's performances, sharing in the pride and joy.

Freefall dancers have become role models for many young people across the city, particularly at Fox Hollies where many of them first learned their passion for dance.

Birmingham Royal Ballet, Fox Hollies Special School, and the wider community have all benefited from working together and learning from each other since 2002.

Support Freefall

Freefall is entirely funded through donations. Your support will allow the dancers to create and perform into the future.

I gained such an insight and admiration for people with different needs from my own.

Coventry University Occupational Therapy Student describing a workshop delivered by Freefall

Freefalling on film, 21 years of filmmaking

Watch here

Freefall is generously supported by the HSBC Supporting our Community fund.
We are also grateful for the support received from William A Cadbury Charitable Trust, Eveson Charitable Trust, HSBC, Hortons Estate, The Blakebank Trust, The Linbury Trust, The Loppylugs and Barbara Morrison Charitable Trust, and all other supporters of Freefall.