Ballets for hire

Many of Birmingham Royal Ballet’s productions are available for hire.
To discuss this, please contact Doug Nicholson, Head of Scenic Presentation.

Our most recent catalogue of productions for hire can be viewed here.

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  • Agon1957
  • Aladdin2012
  • Allegri diversi1987
  • Apollo1928
  • Le Baiser de la fée2008
  • Beauty and the Beast2003
  • Birthday Offering1956
  • La Boutique fantasque1919
  • Brouillards1970
  • The Burrow1958
  • The Cage1951
  • Capriol Suite1930
  • Card Game1965
  • Carmina burana1995
  • The Centre and its Opposite2009
  • Chairs Too!2018
  • Checkmate1937
  • Cinderella2010
  • Concert Fantasy2002
  • Concerto1966