Ballets for hire

Many of Birmingham Royal Ballet’s productions are available for hire.
To discuss this, please contact Doug Nicholson, Head of Scenic Presentation.

Our most recent catalogue of productions for hire can be viewed here.

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  • 5 Tangos1977
  • Flowers of the Forest1985
  • The Four Seasons2005
  • The Four Temperaments1946
  • Galanteries1986
  • Giselle1999
  • The Grand Tour1971
  • The Green Table1932
  • Grosse Fuge1971
  • Las Hermanas1963
  • Hobson's Choice1989
  • Homage to Chopin1980
  • In the Upper Room1986
  • The Invitation1960
  • Jazz Calendar1968
  • Job1931
  • Kin.2014
  • The King Dances2015
  • The Lady and the Fool1954
  • Lyric Pieces2012