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Hobson's Choice 1989

Hobson's Choice, based on Harold Brighouse play of the same name, is arguably David Bintley's most successful full-evening ballet. At its premiere in London it received an ovation, the like of which hadn't been seen since Ashton's La Fille mal gardée, nearly 30 years before. It tells the touching and genuinely funny tale of the unorthodox romance between Will Mossop, a poor boot maker, and Maggie Hobson, the fiery and determined daughter of Will's alcoholic boss, Henry.

Olivier Award nomination 1990

'Bintley's most fully realised narrative work'




'Delightful, loveable comedy that's David Bintley's finest and most entertaining work'

The Artsdesk

'A warm and tender ballet that just radiates with David Bintley's mischievous sense of fun and his great love of British dance'