Amelia Thompson


Born: Worcester

Trained: Elmhurst Ballet School, Royal Ballet School Senior Associates

Joined: 2021

Proudest experience on stage: Definitely performing the role of ‘Snow Fairy’ in The Nutcracker with Birmingham Royal Ballet at the REP in 2020. The elation and joy that I felt whilst being on stage and portraying such a powerful role was unmatched to anything that I had ever done before!

Favourite one-act ballet: Elite Syncopations or Tchaikovsky Pas de deux. I am a huge fan of both Kenneth MacMillan’s and George Balanchine’s innovative and characterful work that has completely transformed ballet and choreography as we know it today.

Dream role: The title role in either Romeo and Juliet or Giselle. Both of these characters embark on an enormous journey throughout the respective ballets and require a huge amount of artistic and technical maturity. Each dancer that I have seen perform these roles have drawn the audience into the story with them from beginning to end and one day I hope that I can do the same and create that connection through dancing.

Career if not a dancer: I am really passionate about Nutrition and Dietetics and would love to further my education in this area of study.