Name: Caitlin Miller

Age: 20

Where are you from? Isle of Wight, England

I have been studying at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire since 2021 in classical music performance on the oboe and am currently in my 3rd year. As well as this I play piano and saxophone and like to play in all different music genres and ensembles. I have had many different part time jobs between university and school in addition to doing freelance music work in orchestras and shows. Musical theatre is one of my favourite things to watch as well as being really into art and graphic design. Another hobby I have is football and I'm currently on the team for my university and occasionally like to do park runs in my free time.

I am a LEAP ambassador because I want to challenge myself to learn new skills in the theatre setting and explore an avenue less familiar to me to expand my knowledge. I am also excited to see if it is a career choice that could interest me in the future.

I am incredibly passionate about music, and that is why I chose to continue my study of it at university and being able to bring music to young people and the community is a massive part of why I wanted to expand my knowledge of it. One of my other great passions is cooking and baking and I am always practicing new recipes and is one of my favourite things when travelling; being able to try different foods around the world. My passion for the future is to be able to travel to all the 7 continents.

An interesting fact about me is that I live on a island so love to go paddle boarding at the beach when the sun rises in the morning - it’s very relaxing !

My first encounter with Birmingham Royal Ballet was watching in 2021 when coming to study in the city and seeing a production they had put on. It was the 1st ballet I had seen in person and it was amazing to be apart of as a audience member and have since been back many times as it made such a impact.

My favourite animal is an elephant and my room is covered in elephants include a floor to ceiling elephant tapestry that is beautiful, this is because they are very clever animals and never leave any of their herd behind. As well as this one of my future ambitions is to own multiple sausage dogs because I am obsessed with them.