Name: Charlotte Thompson

Age: 23

Where are you from? Erdington, Birmingham

I am currently… A Full time Mom and also help run dance sessions at ‘Dance It Out!’, a community dance club that is free to the users to make it accessible to all. We focus on using dance as a tool to build children and young people's confidence in who they are and for them to have space to express themselves. No matter what they are experiencing in life they can find freedom through dance.

I am a LEAP Ambassador… Due to my love for the arts, dance in particular. The joy I experience from performing and teaching has inspired me to develop myself within the industry. I am eager to learn about the arts behind the scenes and all that goes into it and I couldn't imagine a better opportunity for it than being a LEAP Ambassador for the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

What are you passionate about?... Aside from teaching dance and creating dance pieces I’m also passionate about working alongside young people and watching them grow in confidence and achieve their goals, it's one of the most rewarding feelings. Additionally I also very much enjoy art, in particular drawing portraits.

An interesting fact about me is… I performed with my dance school at the Utilita Arena Birmingham (formerly NIA) for the Birmingham Tattoo for two years running. It's an amazing and nostalgic experience I think fondly of. Being stood there in this huge arena amongst other dancers, soldiers and musicians all singing the national anthem at the finale was an unforgettable feeling.

My first encounter with Birmingham Royal Ballet was… When as a young child, my sister got me a Nutcracker book. I fell in love with the story and would read it every night. I began learning ballet at my dance school and fell in love with the beauty, elegance, and strength it entails. It since has been my dream to watch the Birmingham Royal Ballet perform so this opportunity is part of a dream come true, which I am very excited and grateful for.