Name: Ellen Potts

Age: 20

Where are you from? Wolverhampton

I am currently… doing a work placement year in Birmingham as part of my Liberal Arts degree at The University of Warwick

I am a LEAP Ambassador because… I love the arts, creative storytelling, and hope to get involved in the arts industry as a career. Becoming a LEAP Ambassador seems like both the perfect opportunity to learn more about performing arts from a behind-the-scenes perspective (something that is very difficult to learn about without hands on experience), and to meet like-minded art enthusiasts!

What are you passionate about? As someone who loves learning new things, everything! Outside of the arts though, I love reading (particularly fantasy novels), crafts, helping others, walking, and nature.

An interesting fact about me is… I love to play the guitar, flute, and technically keyboard!

My first encounter with Birmingham Royal Ballet was… honestly, this programme! When I saw it advertised, I wasn’t sure if I should apply. Although I am eager to learn more about how to produce arts projects and the hands-on training elements to this programme really appeals to me, I don’t know much about dance, especially ballet, at all. Because my local theatre was showing Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet, I decided that I would watch that and afterwards decide if I should apply. I thoroughly enjoyed the show much more than I expected, and it helped me realise that this programme was something I really wanted to do. I really look forward to discovering the Birmingham Royal Ballet!

Something I’m really excited about within the programme is… watching the Nutcracker and learning more about the technical production of it as such an iconic show!