Name: Jacob Eaves

Age: 17

Where are you from? Solihull

I am currently… In full time education and will be taking my A-levels in June of 2024

I am a LEAP Ambassador because… I want to explore in greater depth the overlap between two of my A-Levels: Theatre Studies and Fine Art. The LEAP Ambassadors programme provided a fantastic opportunity to get first-hand experience from the professional creatives working in the industry.

What are you passionate about? I have always had a huge passion for everything creative, and try to explore new media, ideas and techniques in my studies as often as possible. Over the course of my A-levels in particular, I have developed an interest in the art and design behind stage shows. Outside of the arts I love collecting vinyl records, rock climbing, and my houseplants!

An interesting fact about me is that I recently bought my first film camera from a charity shop and have been having so much fun experimenting with film. Not being able to see the photos when you take them certainly takes some getting used to, but ultimately brings a completely new excitement to the hobby!

My first encounter with Birmingham Royal Ballet was… when my Mum would take me to see shows like The Nutcracker and Still Life at the Penguin Café as a child.

Who do you look up to? I have always looked up to my older siblings as role models in my life. Being a few years older, the pair of them have given me some of the best advice, especially throughout the course of my A-Levels.