Clinical Director

Nick Allen

Nick Allen is the Clinical Director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet Company’s Jerwood Centre. He has a post graduate degree in Sports Medicine and completed his epidemiological based Doctoral dissertation in 2011. His research interests lie in optimising performance through screening, the relationship of vitamin D to injuries and performance, cardiac risk in dancers, and the management of tendinopathies. He has been invited to present at a number of conferences by various organisations, including the British Association of Sports Medicine, the Royal Society of Medicine, British Rheumatology Society, UK Sport, England Rugby, UK Strength and Conditioning Association and the English Institute of Sport. He is guest lecturer for the M.Sc. in Sports Medicine at Nottingham University and Queen Mary’s University London. He is Birmingham Royal Ballet’s representative on the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science’s Steering Committee. Through the Jerwood Centre he has been asked to provide opinions on complex cases for other dancers as well as professional and Olympic athletes. Alongside this he has worked as an external Consultant to Great Britain Gymnastics, England and Great Britain Hockey, and the Lawn Tennis Association’s High Performance Centre. Prior to moving to Birmingham Royal Ballet he was Head of Medical Services for a top Premiership rugby club.