Regan Hutsell


Born: Houston, Texas

Trained: Feijoo Ballet School, Texas

Joined: 2021

Other companies: The Radio City Rockettes, Bay Area Houston Ballet and Theatre, Festival Ballet Providence, Guest Artist with Houston Contemporary Dance Company

Awards: Dance Open America - Gold Medalist in Classical and Contemporary (2021); American Ballet Competition - Gold Medalist in Classical and Contemporary (2019); YAGP finalist (2016,2015,2013,2012).

Favourite full-length ballet: My favourite full-length ballet is Don Quixote. I love this particular ballet because I always feel the magic of the theatre when I watch it. There is so much life, energy, and passion from the plot, as well as the vivacious score that always makes me want to jump up and dance. Kitri has been a dream role for me as long as I can remember, and I hope to get the chance to dance it someday. 

Most enjoyable experience on stage: Dancing in opening night as a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall, New York. The magic of opening night at that theatre will always be with me.

Career if not a dancer: A pastry chef, or something in the medical field.