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BRB is looking for 30 Birmingham-based boys and girls, aged eight to ten, to be part of Luna, an exciting new ballet which will be premiered at Birmingham Hippodrome this October. The children will form a chorus that will appear throughout the ballet, helping tell the story through movement and song.

The music for this ballet has been composed by leading British composer Kate Whitley. The children’s chorus will act much like a Greek Chorus, tying together the different sections of the ballet, and working particularly closely with Dutch choreographer Wubkje Kuindersma and British choreographer Arielle Smith. Part of their role is to sing UK composer Kate Whitley's I am I Say and There is Silence, which will be taught by members of the Education and Participation team from Birmingham-based vocal ensemble Ex Cathedra.

We invite children who enjoy singing and dancing (no formal training is necessary) to join us for FREE informal one-hour workshops in Birmingham on Sunday 24 March. Please note that taking part in the chorus will require a significant commitment of time to the project, with at least 15 rehearsals and four public performances at Birmingham Hippodrome; please see below for link to the current draft rehearsal schedule.

Applications from those with impaired mobility and wheelchair users are welcome.

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Luna Children's Chorus Workshops

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