The Company / The Jerwood Centre

Research underpins the work done at Birmingham Royal Ballet's Jerwood Centre and is an essential part of delivering a world-class service.

Research currently being undertaken by the Centre includes:

  • Investigating aspect of Cardiac risk in dancers
    Patel, K.; Allen, N.; Nadir, A.; Wyon, M.

Completed research published or in press includes:

  • The cardiorespiratory, anthropometric, and performance characteristics of an international/national touring ballet company
    Wyon, M.; Deighan, M.; Nevill, A; Doherty, M.; Morrison, S.; Allen, N. et al. (2007). Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 21(2), pp.389-393
  • Ballet injuries: injury incidence and severity
    Allen, N.; Nevill, A.; Brooks, J. et al. over one year. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther.2012;42:781-790
  • The effect of a comprehensive injury audit program on injury incidence in ballet: a 3-year prospective study
    Allen, N.; Nevill, A.; Brooks, J.; Koutedakis, Y.; Wyon, M.
  • Vitamin D status in Professional Ballet Dancers: Winter vs. Summer
    Wolman, R.; Wyon, M.; Koutedakis, Y.; Nevill, A.; Eastell, R.; Allen, N
  • The influence of winter Vitamin D supplementation on muscle function and injury occurrence in elite ballet dancers.
    Wyon, M.; Koutedakis, Y; Wolman, R.; Nevill, A.; Allen, N.
  • Ballet dancer perceptions of dance floor force reduction and the implications for effective dance training
    Hopper, L.; Wheeler, T.; Webster, J.; Allen, N.; Roberts, J.; Fleming, P.