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A new look at an old favourite

BRB has partnered with RiVR, a UK-based Virtual Reality company, to bring Sir Peter Wright’s much-loved Nutcracker into the immersive world.

As world leaders in photogrammetry and 3D modelling, RiVR is working with us to create a virtual world version of Nutcracker to bring this classic production to audiences in a brand-new way. Click the links below to look at some of our favourite props and costumes designed by John Macfarlane.

“RiVR is delighted to be part of this unique collaboration with Birmingham Royal Ballet. This is a world first; a suite of immersive assets created in the arts, allowing users to ‘step inside’ Birmingham Royal Ballet.

“Using the medium of virtual reality they can experience the background of the organisation and feel what it is like to be behind the scenes. These experiences can be downloaded anywhere in the world bringing the excitement of performance and the experience of world-class practitioners to a new audience whilst creating a new previously unexplored revenue stream.”

Brad Woodward, Managing Director RiVR

This content is captured using photogrammetry, a process of taking many photographs of an object from a variety of angles and stitching them together to create a virtual 3D model that can be rotated on screen and viewed against the backdrop of the real world (depending on the device you are using).

A RiVR technician capturing a prop clock using a camera. The clock is on a table with a white backdrop in front of the kneeling technician who is taking pictures using a canon camera. The clock is a baby grandfather clock has a blue marble effect with gold detailing and a white clock face. There are three lights surrounding the table which are lighting the prop. The technician is wearing a black t-shirt with ‘RiVR, Reality in Virtual Reality’ written in white across the back. The technician is wearing a green baseball cap and black rectangular glasses. Off to the right of the image is some props such as dark wooden chairs.

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