Pointe Shoe Appeal

From their very first pair, to the shoes worn for their most cherished performance, a dancer’s connection with their pointe shoes is special.

Did you know that...

  • A pair of pointe shoes can wear out within an hour during a performance?
  • Our dancers have several pairs of shoes in use at any one time during rehearsal and performance?
  • Our much-loved classical ballets such as Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty can see our Principal dancers using 20 pairs of shoes every month?
  • Our dancers pirouette their way through almost 4,000 pairs of pointe shoes each year, with each pair custom made and altered for the perfect fit?
  • It costs us £200,000 each year to keep our incredible dancers ‘on pointe’, delivering ballet performances that take your breath away?
  • Each dancer will have a range of pointe shoes dependant on the roles they will be dancing and the requirements of the shoe’s strength for that role? Each pair is made bespoke to a dancer’s foot and needs. Shoes are dyed specific colours for certain roles, and there are different pointe shoes required for performance and rehearsal.
  • Once a pointe shoe has reached the end of its useful dancing life, its component parts are compostable? We also offer shoes with some mileage left in them to other dance companies or countries where possible, and they are used by our fundraising teams for prizes for supporters.
  • BRB has a commitment to environmental sustainability? Where possible we re-use and re-cycle as many aspects of our productions as possible. A great example of this The Sleeping Beauty – many of the costumes are over 40 years old and are constantly repaired rather than being replaced.
Pointe shoes are really important to me, the are the tools of my trade and i go through so many of them that I actually can't keep count! Without pointe shoes, we wouldn't have classical ballet. Céline Gittens

Please donate today and help keep our dancers on their toes!

£50 would pay for one pair of pointe shoes and ribbon

£100 would pay for two pairs of pointe shoes and ribbon

£500 would pay for one month of pointe shoes for a Principal dancer.

£1,000 would pay for one month of pointe shoes for two Principal dancers.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, Birmingham Royal Ballet can claim 25p of tax on every £1 you donate. If you would like us to be able to reclaim tax on your donation, please select the Gift Aid option at check out.

Or invest in our dancers by signing up to a continuous direct debit

£10 a month would help keep our Apprentices on pointe.

£20 a month would help keep our BRB2 dancers on pointe.

£50 a month would help keep our Principal dancers on pointe.

Or an amount of your choice – all contributions will keep our dancers on their toes!

Please download our direct debit form, print and sign, then email to Helen Barrett, Individual Giving Officer at development@brb.org.uk or post to: Pointe Shoe Appeal, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Thorp Street, Birmingham B5 4AU.

Every generous donation to our Pointe Shoe Appeal will support the careers of our talented and dedicated dancers, ensuring they can perform at their best on stage and continue to inspire audiences in Birmingham and beyond.

However much you feel comfortable giving, all donations are hugely appreciated.

If you'd like to find out more about the Pointe Shoe Appeal please contact us at development@brb.org.uk