Meet our supporters: trusts and foundations

Join and Support / Trusts & Foundations

Birmingham Royal Ballet would like to thank the following trusts and foundations for their support:

Cockayne Grants for the ArtsGarfield Weston Foundation
The Linbury TrustLondon Community Foundation
The Kirby Laing Foundation
The Michael Bishop Foundation
Oak Foundation
The Royal Opera House Benevolent Fund

The Alan Woodfield Charitable Trust
The Alison Hillman Charitable Trust
Amar-Franses and Foster-Jenkins Trust
The Arts Society Birmingham
The Aspinwall Educational Trust
The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust
Baron Davenport's Charity
Bayfield Charitable Trust
BHSF Medical Charity and Welfare Trust
The Bernard Piggott Charitable Trust
Birmingham Common Good Trust
The Boshier-Hinton Foundation
The Brian Shaw Memorial Trust
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
The Calleva Foundation
The Cecil King Memorial Foundation
The Charles Brotherton Trust
Clare King Charitable Trust
The Clore Duffield Foundation
The John S Cohen Foundation
The D'Oyly Carte Charitable Trust
The David and Helen Lowe Charitable Trust
Dumbreck Charity
The Edgar E Lawley Foundation
The Edward and Dorothy Cadbury Trust
The Edward Cadbury Charitable Trust
Ensix Charitable Trust
Eric W Vincent Trust Fund
Eveson Charitable Trust
The Garrick Charitable Trust
George Fentham Birmingham Charity
The George Henry Collins Charity
GJW Turner Trust
The Grantham Yorke Trust
The Grey Court Trust
The Grimmitt Trust
The H Steven and P E Wood Charitable Trust
The Hawthorne Charitable Trust
The Helen Rachael Mackaness Charitable Trust
Henry James Sayer Charity
IMI Critical Engineering Charitable Appeals Committee
The James Frederick and Ethel Anne Measures Charity
The John Avins Trust
The John Sumner Trust
The John Thaw Foundation
The Keith Coombs Trust
Langdale Trust
Limoges Charitable Trust
London Ballet Circle
The Loppylugs and Barbara Morrison Charitable Trust
The Lord Austin Trust
M K Rose Charitable Trust
The Marchus Trust
Marsh Charitable Trust
The Michael Marsh Charitable Trust
The Noël Coward Foundation
The Norton Foundation
The Oakley Charitable Trust
The Patricia Routledge Charitable Trust
Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire
Quayle Charitable Trust
Richard Cadbury Charitable Trust
The Roger and Douglas Turner Charitable Trust
The Roughley Charitable Trust
The Rowlands Trust
RPS Drummond Fund
The Rix-Thompson-Rothenberg Foundation/Baily Thomas Charitable Fund
The S and D Lloyd Charity
Sabina Sutherland Charitable Trust
The Saintbury Trust
Scops Arts Trust
Souter Charitable Trust
St Jude's Trust
St Thomas' Dole Charity
Stanley Picker Trust
The Sterry Family Foundation
The Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust
The Thistle Trust
Thriplow Charitable Trust
The Uncle Bill Trust
The Vandervell Foundation
W E D Charitable Trust
The Wilmcote Charitrust

and those trusts and foundations that prefer to remain anonymous.