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BRB has been awarded the One Dance UK Bob Lockyer Award for Digital Innovation in Dance!

We are honoured to have received this fantastic recognition of our digital work and are excited to see what the future holds for these projects.

'We are immensely grateful for having received the Bob Lockyer Award for digital innovation in dance.

A significant thank you is owed to Bloomberg Philanthropies and our various collaborators for their dedication and expertise, with a special mention to Ian Ravenscroft, our technical advisor throughout the Bloomberg Digital Accelerator Program. The support of our Virtual Stage program from all those within BRB has been both humbling and inspiring as we embark on this exciting new chapter for organisation.'

Tom Rogers, Creative Digital Producer Birmingham Royal Ballet

Tom Rogers on a purple-lit stage receiving the Bob Lockyer Award for Digital Innovation in dance. Tom is standing, holding a microphone and looking out to the audience. Tom has short dark hair and is wearing a blue suit jacket, white patterned shirt, grey trousers and brown boots. There is a presenter standing next to Tom, looking towards Tom. The presenter has a shaven head, medium-length beard and is wearing a black suit with chunky black shoes. In front of the pair is a music stand and a microphone stand. Behind the pair on a wall is a purple screen which in white writing reads ‘The Bob Lockyer Award for Digital Innovation in dance, goes to, Birmingham Royal Ballet.’ In the foreground there is an audience member in shadow.
Credit: Caroline Miller 2024

We've rounded up a few highlights from our recent digital projects - check them out below!

Carlos Acosta is seen sitting on a wall, arms stretched wide and smiling, with a panorama of the Birmingham skyline behind him
Credit: Drew Tommons 2022

“I am absolutely thrilled that we have launched Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Virtual Stage, becoming one of the first ballet companies in the world to embrace immersive technology and unlock the potential it holds.

“I am particularly excited about the possibilities this work has for reaching younger and new audiences across the globe, bringing them up close to classical ballet in a way that, until recently, has not been possible.

“Virtual Stage is another example of BRB’s commitment to pushing boundaries and keeping ballet fresh and relevant for future generations.”

Carlos Acosta, Artistic Director Birmingham Royal Ballet

We want to share a huge thanks to the Bloomberg Philanthropies' Digital Accelerator Programme, without which, these digital projects wouldn't have been possible!

These projects were developed with the help of Bloomberg Philanthropies' Digital Accelerator Programme for Arts and Culture. Launched in 2021, the programme was designed to help arts organisations stabilise and thrive in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic through strategic improvements to technology infrastructure. The programme supports leadership development and infrastructure investment that builds audiences, increases fundraising, drives revenue, delivers dynamic programming, and helps us work more efficiently and effectively in support of our strategic objectives. The programme supports the development of best practices to share across a network of non-profit cultural organisations.

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